What's new
  • October 31: Added six pictures from trip to Africa last May, and a recent panorama of Mt.Hood crater rim.
  • October 17: Added mountain goat picture from recent visit to Cathedral Park.
  • October 03: Added pictures from climbing Mt.Adams last October.
  • September 19: Added new menu entry - searching pictures by keyword.
  • September 10: I am back from underground expedition following by paddling trip on Vancouver Island. Gigabytes of new pictures to work on!
  • August 23: I'm leaving Mainland tomorrow for caving expedition on Holely plateau. Likely will go on canoeing trip right after that. So, nothing going to happen on the site in three weeks to come.
Here are the latest 20 photographs

and all others, chronologically:

Mt.Hood from its crater

Mountain goat

Ngorongoro crater from entrance

Ngorongoro crater from the rim

Elephant in Lake Manyara Park

Yellowbilled storks in Lake Manyara Park

Giraffe in Lake Manyara Park

Running zebra in Lake Manyara Park

Mt.Adams in clouds

Ice on Mt.Adams

Mt.Adams from base camp

Horizons of Mt.Adams

Descending from Mt.Adams

Mt.Rainier from Mt.Adams

Mt.St.Helens from Mt.Adams

Mt.St.Helens on sunset

Trail on Mt.Adams

Mt.St.Helens from SE

Yellow-headed blackbird

Spotted sandpiper fledgling