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About myself

I cannot recall when I first took a camera. But, surely, one day I did. Sitting in photo darkroom for hours and hours, or mixing chemicals driving my grandma crazy, or wandering around taking picture after picture after picture – what else I remember about my school years? Virtually nothing. Yeah, I did attend a school and had learned something from it… had I not?

Eight years in university was even better. I was able to focus my study on aerial and space photography and digital processing of the images. It was fun, indeed. Looking through my pictures you can notice my passion to panoramas – now you know where it came from: stitching bunch of aerial photographs into king size sheet was a must for a land surveyor at these times.

Meanwhile, falling in love with caves, mountains, and Arctic, I have explored a lot of pristine and remote places of our planet, surely, carrying a camera. If I fail to make pictures from a trip I feel I have not been in the trip, so have to go on it again.

Since my kids are grown enough to go wild on they own, I do not have to work like a slave on a galley day and night to make money for them, I can eventually do what I always liked most – taking pictures of whatever Mother Nature has made and makes.

About the site

This website is the main portal to my pictures. It is powered by WordPress software platform, employing Atahualpa theme by BytesForAll and Multi-column Tag Map plugin by Alan Jackson – many thanks to them!

You can also find some of my pictures on my Facebook page (which is, by the way, the best method to contact me), at my Panoramio set, or in my galleries on Imagekind. I do believe, however, that this website is the best place to explore what I have done. I worked hard to make my pictures organized and easy-to-find.

As seen from the menu, you can view pictures by subject, geographically, by the season, or find them by keyword. Subject, location, and season menus are hierarchically organized. You do not have to select “leaf” of the hierarchy, any point will work. I mean, if you select, say, “USA”, you will see all pictures taken in the country, regardless of the state. Likewise, clicking on top level “view pictures by subject” you will see all the pictures on the site, because each of the pictures has subject. Please note that I marked pictures with a season only if the season is a distinctive feature of the picture. Same with location: most of indoor pictures are not marked geographically, as they could be taken anywhere. Also, sometimes I marked pictures with not exact but parent location; like if a picture taken in BC shows Canadian content but does not contain features or landmarks distinctive to BC, I will mark it with “Canada” omitting “BC”.

Last menu entry – “Find pictures by keyword” – brings you to kind of alphabetical index. Digits in brackets after each keyword means number of pictures you will see by clicking on the keyword.

How to buy photos you like

There are several online stores offering my artworks in one form or another.

My Imagekind store gives you opportunity to buy my artworks printed, framed, or on canvas. Imagekind has selection of sizes, types of frame; their products are great in quality, they ship worldwide. There is a link with Imagekind logo on most of the picture pages; the link leads to the same picture in my store at Imagekind. On preview pages the icon Imagekind store does the same.

Not-for-profit pictures

Some of my pictures are marked with . That means the picture was taken at one of places of my love and great respect, like Wildlife Rescue Association, or Greater Vancouver Zoo, or in a wild cave.

While the price of the product is the same as of any other picture, I will donate 100% of the profit to Wildlife Rescue Association, or to conservational projects and educational programs of Greater Vancouver Zoo, or to Canadian Cave Conservancy. In addition, for pictures marked with double-heart, I will match it by donating the same amount on my own.

Of course, if you share my love and my respect, you are more than welcome to help these great organizations directly:


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